eUpClick Terms of Use

By using an eUpClick service or visiting an eUpClick web site, you agree to comply with the Service Agreements and Policies listed below. We reserve the right to amend and update these Service Agreements and Policies from time to time. Please see the summary of any recent amendments and updates at the end of each document.

By submitting ideas, comments or suggestions (“Feedback”) to eUpClick, including through feedback or survey web pages, you acknowledge and agree that: (i) your Feedback does not contain confidential or proprietary information; (ii) eUpClick is not obligated to keep your Feedback confidential; (iii) your Feedback automatically will become the property of eUpClick and you waive all claims against eUpClick for infringement or misappropriation of any intellectual property rights in your Feedback; (iv) eUpClick may use your Feedback for any purpose and in any way, including for improvements to its services or products or in conjunction with its promotions, without any obligation by eUpClick to you; (v) you are not entitled to any compensation or remuneration of any kind from eUpClick for your Feedback for any reason; and (vi) eUpClick is not obligated to review your Feedback.

*The Dial-Up Service Agreement and the High-Speed Service Agreement includes all of the eUpClick and PeoplePC Software and tools except for eUpClick Home Networking and eUpClick Online Backup which have their own Service Agreements.

**IMPORTANT NOTICE: eUpClick’s network may not be used in any way to transmit or disseminate images containing child pornography. Please report any child pornography complaints to [email protected]. Please see our Acceptable Use Policy for more information.

Service Agreements

  • Dial-Up Service Agreement (Dial-Up, MailStation, and Premium Mail and eUpClick and PeoplePC Software and Tools)*
  • DSL & Home Phone Service Agreement
  • High-Speed Service Agreement (Residential DSL, Freestanding DSL, HyperLink™ High-Speed and eUpClick and PeoplePC Software and Tools)*
  • Home Networking Service Agreement
  • Online Backup Service Agreement
  • TrueVoice Service Agreement
  • eUpClick Local Digital Marketing, Web Hosting And Domain Name Management Service Agreement
  • Canceling Your Service
  • Broadband Network Management Information
  • Recurring Bank Draft Authorization Agreement
  • Do Not Call Policy